The principles and practice of METHADONE TREATMENT

Professor of Addiction Medicine University of Pisa and Siena, Italy
Chief of Vincent P. Dole Dual Diagnosis Unit "Santa Chiara" University Hospital, Department of Psychiatry University of Pisa
Co-Director of G. De Lisio Institute of Behavioural Sciences Pisa, Italy, EU

Pacini Editore Medicina
Via A. Gherardesca, 56121 Ospedaletto, Pisa, Italy, EU
AU-CNS, Via XX Settembre, 83 - 55045 Pietrasanta, Lucca, Italy, EU

Several articles in magazines and symposium speeches try to answer the question “What should the physician know?” I often feel doubts about what students should be expected to know to pass a general pharmacology examination. I usually tell students they should think of themselves as athletes, while their professor should be someone with such a deep knowledge of a discipline that he or she can communicate it spontaneously.

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