ARMI - Addiction Research Methods Institute
ARMI - Addiction Research Methods Institute

World Federation for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence

Addiction Research Methods Institute

Constitution ACT

Art. 1 Founder Members and Institute Denomination
Among Prof. Dr Icro Maremmani, born in Pietrasanta (Lucca), Italy, on May 18, 1951, and Prof. Dr Mario Miccoli, born in Pietrasanta (Lucca), Italy, on July 12, 1978, the Addiction Research Methods Institute (ARMI) is constituted under the patronage of World Federation for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence, NGO with Special Consultative Status with the United Nations’ Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). WFTOD-ARMI is a not-for-profit Institute devoted to the provision of research data evaluation services. It shall remain independent of political parties and any government. WFTOD-ARMI is regulated by this constitution for the time being and, in default, by Italian law. In case of ambiguity, the English version of the constitution shall be definitive for the time being.

Art. 2 Aims
WFTOD-ARMI aims to facilitate worldwide the creation of addiction Big Data Steering Groups in the field of drug addiction, especially heroin addiction, but without prejudice to the generality of the preceding:

  • statistical and psychometric assessment in addictions
  • evaluation of drug addiction research designs
  • identification of research data sources
  • selection and development of research data collection tools and protocols
  • research data collection methodologies
  • research data processing and management
  • research data analysis and interpretation

And, in pursuit of any of the previous aims, to obtain financial support from government agencies, philanthropic organizations, corporations and any other sources, public or private.

Art. 3 Individual and corporate membership
Except for founder members, membership of WFTOD-ARMI is open to individuals (individual membership) and public or private organizations (corporate membership). The WFTOD-ARMI Directors shall consider all such applications. Membership may be withdrawn because of behaviour not consistent with WFTOD’s goals and aims.

Art. 4 Duration
The duration of WFTOD-ARMI is indefinite.

Art. 6 Officers of the Association
The officers of WFTOD-ARMI shall consist of two Directors.
The officers remain in office indefinitely, and their appointment shall cease by resignation or resolution of the charge of a 4/5 of the Board of Directors.
The administration of WFTOD-ARMI is the responsibility of WFTOD-ARMI’s officers. All the decisions must be made unanimously.

Art. 7 The Board of Directors
The scientific administration of WFTOD-ARMI is given to a Board of Directors, composed of a maximum of then members.
The application can be submitted to the WFTOD-ARMI’s Directors. The decision to accept or reject the application lies with the WFTOD-ARMI’s Directors.
The Board of Directors will express its bond opinion about the co-optation of the member of the Board of Directors who resigns, gives up or abandons for any reason.

Art. 8 - Treasurer
The WFTOD-ARMI Directors appoint the Treasurer. This function will be performed by the Association for the Application of Neuroscientific Knowledge to Social Aims (AU- CNS), not-for-profit agency in Pietrasanta, Lucca, Italy, EU; this office is for an indefinite period; it will cease due to resignation by AU-CNS or a motivated resolution of the WFTOD-ARMI Directors.

Art. 9 Fees and expenses of officers of WFTOD-ARMI
All WFTOD-ARMI’s officers are honorary. Costs of officers may be reimbursed.


In faith

Icro Maremmani, Director Mario Miccoli, Director

Pietrasanta, August 8, 2022

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